Elsys Amplimax Ultra


All the resources you need to get your Amplimax Ultra online, and keep it online; as optimally as possible!

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Videos on setup and installation

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Firmware Updates

NOTICE: New version (1.3.2_RC3) update will report that your IMEI has been reverted to the stock IMEI, in the web page interface of the Amplimax. This is NOT the case, it is only reporting to you the stock original IMEI.

This is not supposed to be, nor intended, but it has NOT changed your IMEI as it is reported to the carrier upon connection. I have verified this on my own, and you can check yours via AT command if you like: AT+EGMR=0,7. Elsys has been made aware.


New Firmware Version released!!! ( 07-08-2024 )


NOTE: You may see a notice to register your unit to stay online. If it does in fact disconnect your internet connection, please reach out an let us know. It should not do any such thing after updating to the above firmware. They should be removing the notice in the next update.


Quick Start Guide

Windows: Right Click, Save Link As to Download | MAC Contril + Click, download linked file or save link as to download


If you change the Ethernet IP address in the web UI settings to something other than, like say maybe, PLEASE make sure to also change the DHCP range lower down.


Change - to ->


Change - to ->

The above example is if you change the address for the Amplimax IP
instead of If you choose then change the DHCP
range accordingly.

If you do not do this, you WILL
lose access
to your Amplimax and you'll have to contact me and I will
have to walk you through how to recover it.

File Downloads for AT commands

Here are the files I mention in the above video.

Click on Below Button for Putty

Windows modem USB COM port driver (you only need this one driver now)

Click on below button.

After you install the driver(s), make sure to reboot your
Windows system before trying to connect to your modem.

If you are using MacOS or Linux you generally should not need these drivers,
but I am not 100% sure on MacOS more than I am of Linux.

As with any files you download from anywhere, please run a virus check on it.
I scan my files, of course, but you can never be too safe.


This device does not currently modify TTL/HL. You will need to do so on your wifi router or other network systems in order to do this function, if you need it.