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Coax Antenna Cabling - High Quality - Low Loss - Made in the USA

Coax Antenna Cabling - High Quality - Low Loss - Made in the USA

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Coax Antenna Cabling - High Quality - Low Loss - Made in the USA

Our LMR style Coax Ultra Low Loss ultra high quality cables are made for The Wireless Haven right here in the USA, and made for you when you order them.

These 50 Ohm LMR Ultra Low Loss Coax cables are ideally suited for long cable runs of over 20 feet, but are even better for shorter lengths.

For cable runs 20 feet and less, we think using our LMR200 Duplex Low Loss cables should be fine to use in most cases.

General rules for which type cables are best to use per your need:

1-20 foot length cables : LMR200 and above
1-30 foot length cables: LMR240 and above
1-100 foot length: LMR400 and above
100+foot length: LMR600

Make sure you measure the length you need to go from your device to the intended antenna location, and give a few extra feet for some play/slack. Make your cables as short as possible both for cost savings as well as lower signal losses.

Antenna cabling becomes more resistive to RF antenna signal in proportion to length of cable. The longer the cable is, the less signal gain you benefit from your antenna. So keep your runs as short as conveniently possible.


What is the difference between Cables marked as Times Microwave and those not marked as such? The short answer: Brand name vs Store brand.

These cables are both Indoor and Outdoor rated.

NOTICE: Our Coax Antenna LMR cabling is made to order and then shipped directly to you from our manufacturer, here in the USA. If you place an order for this item and any other items from our store, the cabling will be shipped separately from the other items. These are custom made here in the USA to your order and will ship after they are made, after you place your order. Usually within a few days.