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Mini PCI-E to M.2 (NGFF) Key B Adapter with Top SIM Card Slot

Mini PCI-E to M.2 (NGFF) Key B Adapter with Top SIM Card Slot

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This Mini PCI-E to M.2 (NGFF) Key-B Adapter with SIM Card Slot uses a Standard (Full Size) SIM Card.  The SIM card slot is positioned 90 degrees to the adapter PCB and is located between the modem and PCB.

This M.2 adapter is another one of very few adapters that we've discovered to work (consistently) with the EM series of Sierra Wireless M.2 modems--and we have a trash can full of various makes and models of M.2 adapters that do not work.

The extra SIM card slot is a bonus for applications where a SIM card slot is not available.  Its use for a second SIM card is optional when using the adapter on routers that are already equipped with a SIM card slot.   It's use is not required.


  1. When using a SIM Card adapter (i.e., micro to standard, etc), take precaution that the SIM card fits “freely” and flat into the adapter.  In other words, you should not have to force the SIM card into the adapter.  A SIM card that is too tight, when installed in the SIM slot, can rise and cause a misalignment between the adapter pins and SIM card.  All tits/nubs on the side of the SIM card should be sanded smooth.  This is easily done with a laying a nail file/emery board/piece of sand paper flat on table top, and working the SIM card evenly across until smooth.
  2. This M.2 adapter will not work with mini PCI-E modem cards.
  3. In order for a Windows based PC to recognize a Sierra Wireless modem card, regardless of how it is being attached, the Sierra Wireless Windows drivers must first be installed on the Windows device.  Refer to our Help Pages for downloads.

Example SIM placement:

Package includes:

1 x Mini PCI-E to M.2 (NGFF) Key B Adapter and mounting screws.