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Quectel Sticker Type Omni Antenna | 600-6000MHz 4G 5G 4-5dBi | MHF4

Quectel Sticker Type Omni Antenna | 600-6000MHz 4G 5G 4-5dBi | MHF4

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These antennas are perfect for installation in plastic enclosures, and small cases, both indoor and outdoor. They perform very well on all 5GNR and LTE frequency bands.

Per Quectel, The antenna is designed for superior performance, and can be widely used for wireless applications. Excellent performance, excellent efficiency. These antennas are used when certifying the Quectel modules in FCC testing.

Compatible with all LTE and 5GNR cellular bands as well as LoRaWAN and WiFi

The antenna is equipped with an MHF4 connector.

This is a "sticker" style flexible ultra-thin antenna (FPC).

Listing is for a single (1 piece) antenna.


Picture may vary slightly from the antennas in stock. Same performance and general size.



Frequency Range 600-6000MHz
Gain ≤4.6dBi
V.S.W.R ≤3.5
Maximum Input Power 50W
Impedance 50Ώ
Connector MHF4 (IPEX4)
Cable Type  1.13mm
Cable Length 193mm
Antenna Radome Material Flexible Trace Sticker Style (FPC)
Mounting Adhesive
Dimensions 90.15mm x 15.2mm x 0.13mm
Weight ≤4g
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +85 °C
Humidity +15-70%RH
RoHS Compliant YES