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RJ45 Waterproof IP67 Bulkhead Connector with Ethernet and 2.1MM Jumper Cable

RJ45 Waterproof IP67 Bulkhead Connector with Ethernet and 2.1MM Jumper Cable

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RJ45 Waterproof IP67 Bulkhead Connector with Ethernet and 2.1MM Jumper Cable.

This thru enclosure bulkhead connector is designed to power non-PoE devices as if they were PoE.   Great for outdoor or remote installation of PCB's, Routers, Access Points, Wireless Bridge, CCTV (closed-circuit monitor series) and other equipment that are mounted within an external enclosure (or antenna) to provide high speed 10BaseT and 100BaseT network solutions.

The RJ45 bulkhead connector features a RJ45 receptacle and mounts through and into the enclosure to provide a 9.84 inch Ethernet cable for data transfer as well as a 2.1MM x 5.5MM power cable and connector for powering the internal device.

The IP67 sealing ability of the RJ45-ECS connector system provides a reliable connection, even in very harsh environments, for years of trouble free service.  The shielded nature of the Cat5e cable and connectors provide maximum shielding against external EMI for consistent data communications.   For modern wireless systems, the quick disconnect feature allows for ready replacement of rooftop equipment, to minimize field time spent servicing equipment, and minimizing downtime. This helps to increase operator profitability and customer satisfaction.

This adapter does not convert the voltage that is fed from the power adapter, so be sure and match the power supply with a suitable voltage for the device.

This setup allows use of a PoE adapter injector to provide power to the device.


  • Cable: Cat 5e UTP, Twisted-pair cable, Full Copper
  • DC Cable: 2.1*5.5*10mm DC plug, inner+ outer- (pin 4,5 +; 7,8-)
  • Length of cable: 25cm | 9.84 inches;
  • Rated Voltage: DC12~57V;
  • Rated Current: 5A Max. ;
  • Protection Level: IP67;
  • Work Temperature: -20℃--60℃
  • Mounting hole:  20mm / 0.78 in
  • Thread Diameter:  23mm / 0.90 in
  • Total Connector Size:  80 x 23mm / 3.14 x 0.90 in (LXD)
  • No Signal Degradation

Package Includes:

1 x RG45 Waterproof Connector with Ethernet and 2.1mm jumper cables

Note: Wire, Cable and Adapter color may vary from pictures.



The RH45 gland connector may be used to power non-PoE devices that are remotely located such as installed in an external antenna or enclosure.  This will allow users to install the WE826 or other non-PoE device in the WiFiX enclosure.


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