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LTE/5G Omni Antenna N Male - 2400-2700MHz Radome 4dBi - LTE/5G & WiFi Support

LTE/5G Omni Antenna N Male - 2400-2700MHz Radome 4dBi - LTE/5G & WiFi Support

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The WiFiX DT2427V NM is a 2400-2700MHz Radome 4dBi Omni-directional Antenna used for both WiFi (2.4GHz) and 4G|LTE|5G applications.

It is compact at 7.875 inches (200mm) in length, light weight, vertically polarized and has a N Male connector.  This antenna rates high in performance and is engineered for all weather applications--and is designed with moisture drain and vent holes.  Its fiberglass radome is UV-stable and tightly seals its collinear brass elements.

We recommend sealing the antenna connectors with dielectric grease and self-bonding silicon tape, when installing any outdoor antenna and cabling.

The WiFiX DT2427V NM may be mounted in the up or down position, making it a great candidate for a PCB, router, or access points (AP) installed in an external enclosure.


Frequency 2400-2700 MHz
Gain 4dBi
Polarization Vertical
Vertical Beam Width 30 Degrees
Horizontal Beam Width 360 Degrees
Impedance 50 Ohm
Max Power 100 Watts
VSWR < 1.5: 1 Avg
Weight .23 lbs (0.104 kg)
Length 7.9 in (200mm)
Base Diameter 1.2 in (31mm)
Radome Diameter .75 in (19mm)
Wind Survival > 150 MPH
Operating Temperature -40 C - 85 C (-40 F - 185 F)
Connector N-Male
RoHS Compliant Yes

Package includes:

1 x Antenna (No Mounting brackets are included)