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The Magnum Parabolic Grid Directional Antenna | 26dBi | Ultra Power | 600-6500MHz | 4G 5G and WiFi

The Magnum Parabolic Grid Directional Antenna | 26dBi | Ultra Power | 600-6500MHz | 4G 5G and WiFi

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The Magnum 600-6500MHz Parabolic Grid 26dBi WiFi Cellular 4G 5G Directional Antenna is a ultra high gain directional antenna with an N female connector. It is ideally suited for outdoor directional applications for 4G and 5G cellular, back-haul applications, and point to point systems.

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This is one of the most powerful antennas you can buy. The designer of The Magnum antenna has made their antennas for US military contracts, and many popular equipment providers, with patents in the US and beyond.

Our stock is of the latest version of this antenna design, not old models or refurbished units.

Usually suited for line of sight to your tower, you may need to mount your Magnum antenna as high as possible to get a clear line of sight to your cell tower.

We recommend the highest quality antenna cabling for these antennas. We carry LMR400 cabling, made here in the USA, just like this antenna. If you have a specific need for cabling, send us an email and we can have a custom set of cables made specifically for your needs.

Always protect your home and equipment with Lightning Protection in line with your cabling, and properly grounding always.
Note: Always follow your local electrical codes and ordinances when installing antennas at your location, for proper grounding and electrical safety.

The Magnum has an adjustable feedhorn feature allowing you to increase gain for your desired frequency range. By positioning the 'feedhorn' in or out along the predefined points, you will increase the antennas gain by 2dBi on either the low or high band. Note, though, that the opposite is true of the bands you are not adjusting for. 1 to 2 dBi will be lost on those bands. The position settings are included with your purchase.
Please refer to the product specification sheet, on the 'Specification' tab on this page, for full frequency range and gain information as well as signal plots.

NOTE: The antenna does not need to be adjusted to pickup specific frequencies, it will pickup the full 600-6500Mhz spectrum without any adjustments. The adjustable feedhorn simply allows you to obtain a little more gain to your desired frequency range. This information is also included in the antennas instruction sheet, with photos, inside the packaging of the antenna.

Notice: We recommend sealing the antenna connectors with dielectric grease and self-bonding silicon tape, when installing any outdoor antenna and cabling.

When using with any cellular modem, ensure that you use one of these antennas for every cellular antenna port on the modem. For most category 12 and below modems, this would be two antennas for 2x2 MIMO. For most category 16 and above, including all 5GNR, modems this would be a total of four antennas for 4x4 MIMO. We ALWAYS recommend exact match antennas for all ports of the modem. Mixing antennas on the modem usually results in less than optimal outcomes.

Notice: NEVER use a "Y-Cable", or antenna cable splitter, on your cellular modem with one antenna, or you will risk shorting out and damaging your modem.

High winds do not effect these top of class antennas as much as other antennas with large collector bodies. The Magnum is made to withstand up to 130 mph wind velocity @ 150lbs of wind load.

General Gain info
Low Bands - 15 dBi
Mid Bands - 20 dBi
High Bands - 26 dBi

Primary Antenna Color: Gray

NOTICE: This antenna is shipped directly from our manufacturer, here in the USA. If you place an order for this item and and any other items from our store, the antenna will be shipped separately from the other items. If you also order LMR400 antenna cables, those cables will be shipped from our cable manufacturer immediately after they are built for you. The LMR400 cables are custom made here in the USA to your order spec and will ship after they are made, after you place your order. Usually within a few days.